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Most creators hate logging into multiple affiliate networks to check how much money they made.

We aggregate your earnings from YouTube ads, Patreon donations, affiliate programs and product sales, so you can ditch your manual spreadsheets and focus on what you do best - creating new content.

..built for:




Which one are you?

I do not yet
my affiliate sales

I have a rough idea how much I am making, but I can't be bothered to keep logging in to all networks I work with. Too much work.

I track
my commissions

I manually log in to the affiliate dashboards and track all conversions and revenue in Google Sheets. It's a lot of work.


I only track
my best converting

I have no time to check small amounts I made with my affiliate programs. I only login to the few that make me the most money.

What's in it for you:

You Will Know Your Numbers

You will know how much you earned today, this month or last year.

You Can Ditch Your Spreadsheets

You will save hundreds of hours of manual reporting.

You Will Get a Complete Picture

You will know your total income from all of your income sources.

How will you use this app?

You will login daily to see how much money you made in your business so far.

400+ Affiliate Networks supported

Missing one you need? We’ll add it.

See Your Daily Total in One Currency

Even if you make commissions in crypto, you will see equivalent value in your chosen currency.

Real Time Data

Your sales data will be continuously updated from all of your affiliate networks.

What affiliate niches this software is most useful for?

Even though we have a wide variety of affiliate programs we support, most of our customers are:




Double down on your money makers

Know which affiliate programs are converting the best for you and put your focus on them

Track Conversion Rates

Recognize Underperformers

Spot Revenue Opportunities

Identify Trends

Receive Alerts

Optimize for Optimum Margin

Beautiful Design

You will enjoy how intuitive the app is. One glance, and you will know where is what.

Simple Setup

Connecting affiliate networks you work with, is quick and easy - it will only take a few minutes.

Mobile Friendly

You can check stats on your phone anytime during the day - no need to take out your laptop.

Simple Pricing




per month



per month
Billed Yearly - Save $120 a year