Youtube Monetization Courses

1. Tube Mastery and Monetization

Course: Tube Mastery and Monetization

Matt Par
Course Content:The 3 Stages To YouTube
Choosing a Niche
Setting Up Your Channel For Success
Uploading Videos
The Growth Module
The Monetization Module
Scaling Your Channel

2. Making Money on YouTube

Course: Making Money on YouTube

Wojciech Lorenc
Course Content:The YouTube Algorithm
Traffic Sources shape content types
Shareable Content (Viral Videos)
Understanding Watch Time
Engagement and Interactivity
YouTube’s Checklist (YouTube Engineers recommend that you do all 10!)
Monetization (Time to make some money!)
Equipment and Software List
Template Downloads for channel art, avatar, thumbnail designs, etc.
YouTube Myths
Don’t Make these mistakes!
Private Facebook Groups
Interview with Successful YouTuber
YouTube Study
Dynamic Database of YouTube’s Most Popular Art Channels

3. YouTube Insider Tips: 3-Part Video Series

Course: YouTube Insider Tips: 3-Part Video Series

Wojciech Lorenc
Course Content:The YouTube Algorithm Primer
What is a “YouTube Friendly” Video ?. (Strategies for Building Traffic)
Must-Know Optimization Techniques

4. Video Breakthrough Academy

Course: Video Breakthrough Academy

Clark Kegley
Course Content:Fundamentals
1-on-1 Private Facebook Mentorship
Viral Video Speaking Outlines
The Channel Teardown
Backstage Studio
Expert Interviews
Lifetime Access to Updates

5. 30 Days to Do a Better YouTube Channel

Course: 30 Days to Do a Better YouTube Channel

Tim Schmoyer
Course Content:Setting Yourself Up For Success And Clarifying Your Value Proposition
Building A Highly Subscribable Channel For New Subscribers
Crafting Headlines And Thumbnails That Get More Clicks And Views
Crafting Better Videos That Shoot Up The Ranks On YouTube
Turning Viewers Into Highly Engaged Subscribers Who Like, Comment, And Share Every Video You Put Out
Jump-Starting Your Channel Without Relying On “The Algorithm”

6. Awesome Creator Academy Membership Program

Course: Awesome Creator Academy Membership Program

Roberto Blake
Monthly Group Coaching Calls
Access to Private Facebook Group
Private Q&A Sessions with Roberto Blake
Exclusive Training Videos and Resources
Early access to Templates, and Courses
Exclusive Course and Product Discounts
Accountability Partners and Constructive Criticism
Business Networking Opportunities

7. 10X Your Brand with YouTube

Course: 10X Your Brand with YouTube

Sean Cannel
Course Content:Case Studies and Strategies I implement behind-the-scenes in my business
Case Studies and Strategies from Clients and Students
10X Growth factors for THiNK Media & Video Influencers

8. Video Ranking Academy

Course: Video Ranking Academy

Sean Cannel
Course Content:Reverse Engineer Your YouTube Success
Research (The Right Way)
Record – The Ultimate Video Framework
Record – The Ultimate Video Framework
Rocket Your Video
Rapid Revenue
Review and Improve
Repeat and Sustain Long-Term Success

9. YouTube Starter Kit

Course: YouTube Starter Kit

Sean Cannel
Course Content:The YouTube Clarity Blueprint
The 15 Best YouTube Title Formulas for Getting Views
51 Video Ideas to Jumpstart Your Channel
51 Money Making Video Ideas Guide
Best Cameras, Video Equipment, and Software Resource List
How to Create Awesome YouTube Thumbnails Training

10. The Build Your YouTube Empire Course

Course: The Build Your YouTube Empire Course

Sean Cannel
Course Content:10 elements needed for building a high-impact, high-freedom business
The one winning strategy of the greatest experts, influencers, business owners, and content creators on YouTube today

11. The YouTube Creator Academy

Course: The YouTube Creator Academy

Graham Stephan
Course Content:Why YouTube
What Camera Equipment to use
Planning Your Videos
Creating your videos
How To Edit Your Videos
Creating you channel
NINJA SEO Techniques To Rank FIRST
Ninja Tactics to Grow Your Channel
Beating the YouTube Algorithm
YouTube Growth Hacks + Monetization Techniques

12. YouTube SEO: How to Rank #1 on YouTube

Course: YouTube SEO: How to Rank #1 on YouTube

Diego Davila
Course Content:Creating a Super Optimized YouTube Channel
Ranking Your Videos #1 in YouTube Search Results
YouTube Thumbnails: Using the Power of Thumbnails to Rank your Videos
Last Step to Complete your YouTube Video Optimization
Two Powerful Tools that you have in Your YouTube Channel
Earning Money with Your YouTube Videos!

13. YouTube for Bosses

Course: YouTube for Bosses

Sunny Lenarduzzi
Course Content:Content
How to Share Your #Win
Mastermind Call Replays

14. Crushing YouTube: From 0 to 75,000 Subscribers

Course: Crushing YouTube: From 0 to 75,000 Subscribers

Joseph Hogue
Course Content:How to Get the Most from this Course
How to Pick a Topic You Can Dominate!
7 YouTube Channel Goals You Can Control
YouTube Basics: How to Set Up a YouTube Channel for Success
How to Set up a YouTube Channel Page for Viral Videos
How to Hack YouTube for Video Ideas
5 Steps to Branding on YouTube and Building a Community
YouTube Video Structure [The Hidden Secret of Channel Success]
The Right Way to Upload a Video to YouTube for Massive Views
How to Use YouTube Analytics to Grow a Channel Fast
How to Promote Your YouTube Videos with a Blog and Social Media
Making Money on YouTube: How I Made Over $25,000 in Year One
Three Strategies to Grow Subscribers on YouTube
Why Every YouTube Channel Needs to be Live Streaming
Building a Team and Scaling Your YouTube Channel

15. YouTube Creator Masterclass

Course: YouTube Creator Masterclass

Kevin McClelland
Course Content:The Key To YouTube Success
Video Idea Brainstorm
Camera and Video Tips
How To Structure Your YouTube Videos
Uploading Your Videos
Advanced YouTube Strategies

16. Media Training 101 – Become a YouTube Star

Course: Media Training 101 – Become a YouTube Star

Abbey Sharp
Course Content:Setting Up Your YouTube Channel
Planning Content
Preparing for Shoot Day
Best Social Media Management Tools
Making MONEY!
SEO Best Practices for YouTube
How to Succeed on YouTube

17. Create & Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Course: Create & Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Melissa Fietsam
Course Content:Why you Need to be on YouTube
YouTube Image Sizes and Banner
Creating your Channel
Customize your Banner & Description
Add Links to your YouTube Channel
Uploading Videos to YouTube
Keyword Research
Titles, Descriptions, and Tags
How to add Custom Thumbnails

18. How to Start a YouTube Channel

Course: How to Start a YouTube Channel

Marc Leach
Course Content:How to Stand Out on YouTube
Creating Your Channel
How to Select the Right Gear
How to Manage Your Video Files
How to Edit Like a Pro, When You’re Not
How to Find Killer Music You Can Actually Use
How to Get More Views & Subscribers
How to Upload Videos Correctly
How to Get Started on Right Foot
Access to Private Facebook Group
How to Get Started on Right Foot

19. Bye 9 To 5 – YouTube Course 2021 Edition

Course: Bye 9 To 5 – YouTube Course 2021 Edition

Jordan Mackey
Course Content:Choosing Your Perfect Niche
Youtube Basics
Passing Monetization Review
Instant Monetization
Video Topic Research
Creating and Editing Your Videos
SEO Secrets for Truly Going Viral
Advanced Monetization Techniques
My Three Niche Case Studies
Outsourcing and Automation
Affiliate Marketing on Youtube Income Explorer Introduction
Affiliate Marketing Networks
Affiliate Marketing Strategies
Affiliate Marketing with Your Channel
High Ticket Offers
Non-Youtube Affiliate Marketing Strategies
Affiliate Marketing Mindset
Helpful Affiliate Marketing Resources

20. YouTube Growth Course

Course: YouTube Growth Course

Liz Germain
Course Content:Planning
Get 1-on-1 Help Inside the Private Student FB Groupget 1-on-1 Help Inside the Private Student FB Group
Youtube Video Scripts
Lifetime Access To New Youtube Trainings
Easy Youtube Ads Training For Beginners
Channel Branding Cheat Sheets
The Simple Smartphone Filming Guide

21. YouTube Training Course for Real Estate

Course: YouTube Training Course for Real Estate

Connor Steinbrook
Course Content:How To Drive Traffic To Your Channel
How To Convert Views Into Business
How to Make Youtube Make You Money

22. YouTube for Business | Mastery Program

Course: YouTube for Business | Mastery Program

Joshua Natev
Course Content:Understanding YouTube
Creating Your Account
Coming up with a plan
Content Creation
Upload and Increasing Reach
YouTube Ads

23. YouTube Growth Academy

Course: YouTube Growth Academy

Jeven Dovey
Course Content:How to Crush it on YouTube
Start Creating Now
Diving into Research
Becoming an Engaged Creator
What is Affiliate Marketing
Content is King
Get the Click
Get them to Watch 100% of your Video
Binge Watching Your Content
Growth Hacks
Everything About YouTube Analytics
Going Viral
Ad Revenue & Getting Sponsors
The #1 way to make money on YouTube
Next Steps

24. YouTube Starter: Create Content That Gets Views

Course: YouTube Starter: Create Content That Gets Views

Jeven Dovey
Course Content:What is the Content You’re Producing
Creating Professional Videos
Shooting Step By Step
Next steps
Music For Your Videos

25. YouTube Masterclass

Course: YouTube Masterclass

Phil Ebiner
Course Content:Video Equipment Recommendations
Creating Your YouTube Channel From Scratch
Uploading Your Videos
The YouTube Studio (Inside Your Creator Dashboard)
Growing a Successful YouTube Channel
Livestreaming on YouTube
How to Make Money on YouTube
Analytics – Use YouTube Analytics to Grow

26. YouTube Audio & Video Production

Course: YouTube Audio & Video Production

Phil Ebiner

Tomas George

Ian Alexander
Course Content:Crash Course into Making Better YouTube Videos
OBS – How to Record Videos on Your Computer – Free Recording/Screencast Software
Improving Your Video With OBS Filters
OBS Troubleshooting
Free Video Editing Software – Shotcut
Shotcut – More Editing Features
Recording Multiple Audio Sources in OBS
OBS – Improving your Audio – Pro-Level Audio Processing
OBS Advanced – Recording + Editing Multiple Video Sources, Sync Offset+ Remxing
Video Gear and How to Use it
Audio Gear and What’s Best for Your Needs
Camera Settings In-Depth with Examples
Video Production + Creation Tips and Tricks
Premiere Pro Essential Crash Course
Mixing Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro
Livestreaming With OBS
Video Editing Tips & Tricks
How to Film High-Quality Videos with an iPhone (iPhone Only)
Video Editing on your Phone (Android and iPhone) with Adobe Premiere Rush
Using Other Media to Improve Your Videos and Livestreams
Behind the Scenes Look at our Recording and Streaming Gear
Free Software for Logitech Cameras (Such as C920, C922 and Brio 4K)
How to Create your own Royalty-Free Music with Logic Pro X
Installing OBS

27. YouTube Marketing

Course: YouTube Marketing

Phil Ebiner
Course Content:YouTube Marketing Funnels
Optimize Your Videos for Views & Conversions
YouTube Ads
YouTube Basics
Video Production Tips

28. YouTube Marketing Accelerator

Course: YouTube Marketing Accelerator

Nathan Hague
Course Content:How To Setup Your YouTube Channel Correctly
How To Get Business From Your YouTube Channel

29. Launch A YouTube Ad to Attract New Leads & Customers

Course: Launch A YouTube Ad to Attract New Leads & Customers

Tom Breeze
Course Content:How to Deploy a Video Ad on YouTube

30. YouTube Ads Workshop

Course: YouTube Ads Workshop

Tom Breeze
Course Content:Research
Setting Up
Campaign Blueprints

31. Tube Ads Academy

Course: Tube Ads Academy

Jon Penberthy
Course Content:Set Up For Success
The Perfect Landing Page
Creating A Winning Video Ad
Finding Your Dream Customers
The Big Day
Evaluate and Elevate
Scaling Secrets
Creating Your Money Machine
Private Student Mastermind Group
On-Going Coaching (8x Weekly Q&A Calls)
Remarketing Magic
D4U YouTube Ad Templates
Execution Plans
Tom Breeze Private Masterclass

32. YouTube Ads Ecom Blueprint

Course: YouTube Ads Ecom Blueprint

Ricky Hayes
Course Content:Shopify Store Setup A-to-Z
Ultimate Guide To Product Research
Facebook And Instagram Influencer Marketing
Facebook A-to-Z Marketing Mastery
Team Management And Support
Messenger Marketing Mastery
Revealing My Own Store Live Case Study

33. YouTube Ads for Artists

Course: YouTube Ads for Artists

Aaron Wolf
Course Content:Youtube Ad Strategy Overview
Planning An Effective Youtube Ad Campaign
How To Setup and Launch Your Youtube Ad
Analyze and Optimize Your Ad Results

34. YouTube Ads Made Easy

Course: YouTube Ads Made Easy

Jackie Burgoa
Course Content:YouTube Ads Basics
Setting everything up before creating your Ads
Creating and Managing Your Video Ad Campaign
Advanced YouTube Video Ad Strategies
Additional Tips to consider

35. YouTube Ads Formula

Course: YouTube Ads Formula

Ryan Shaw
Course Content:​How to Find the Best Converting Offers that work with YouTube.
​How to Setup Your First YouTube Ads Account & Get $75-$100 Credit FREE
​How to Get Your First Sale with YouTube Ads
​How to Sell Your Own Products / Services
​How to Setup Your First YouTube Ads
​How to Make $100 / Day with YouTube Ads. Even if you Don’t Have Your Own Products.
​How to Setup the Perfect YouTube Ad (Follow These Four Things that Make Up the Perfect Ad)
​Avoid the Five Reasons Why Most People’s YouTube Ads Fail
​Find Out How We Laser Target Buyer Traffic on YouTube Ads with 3 specific methods.
​Find Out What Software We Use to Get Hundred’s of Videos on YouTube displaying our Ads at just 10% the cost of FB Ads.
​How to Create the Video Ads with Free Software
​How to Create your Video Ad even without being on camera
​How to Create your Video Ad with any phone or camera
​How to Sell Your Info-products, Webinars, Auto Webinars, Services, E-commerce Stores, Affiliate Offers, Coaching/Consulting Programs
​How to Build a Powerful Funnel for YouTube Ads that Converts with an ROI of 2-4x. We have this down to a science after creating over 40 funnels in multiple niches.
​How to Scale Your YouTube Ads for Just $5 per day to $100 / day and remain profitable.
​How to Scale Your YouTube Ads to $10k-$100k per month and build massive branding, sales, and tracking and become a social media rock-star like Tai Lopez or Billy Gene.
​How You Can Just Use One Traffic Source. YouTube Ads. To Scale Any Business to 7 Figures per Year with Real Case Studies, Video Ad Reviews, and Funnel Analysis.
​You Will Get Access to a Full Rolodex of YouTube Ads and Reviews of the Top YouTube Ads Ever Created
​The Course isn’t just for beginners. You Get Access to how to Improve Your ROI with many of the Advanced Strategies Used by the Best Marketers in the World such as Neil Patel, Russel Brunson, Alex Becker, Billy Gene, Tai Lopez, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, and the “ad guys” behind their success.
The core training is brought to you by the best YouTube Advertisers on the planet who have combined for over $30 million on ad spend. We break down everything for you into what works no matter what you are selling.
You Get Free VIP Access to Our Private Facebook Group, Trello Mastermind, and YouTube Ad buyers free Facebook Groups.
You Get Free Lifetime Updates in the Members Area and Via Our Own YouTube Channel. This is Our Main “Flagship” program and we will continue to add new Case Studies, Live Trainings, Q&A Events, Podcasts, Live Streams, and New Videos.

36. YouTube Ads for Local Offer

Course: YouTube Ads for Local Offer

Ryan Shaw
Course Content:​How to Setup Youtube Ad Campaigns for Local In Just Minutes
​How to Position The Service to Local Businesses
​How to Close Clients and Keep Them Paying You Monthly
What Prospects to Target and Why These are the Best
How to Get Others to Make the Videos for You & Work Just 15 Minutes Per Day
Build Your Youtube Local Agency to $10K , $20K, $30K per month by Copying my BluePrint and Sales Trainings.
You Need Just Five Clients to Make Full Time Income. I Will Show You How to Get Your First Five Clients
Watch Me Create Winning Campaigns Over the Shoulder that You Can Duplicate in Minutes

37. YouTube Ads Mastery for Real Estate Agents

Course: YouTube Ads Mastery for Real Estate Agents

Jaime Resendiz
Course Content:​YouTube Ads Foundations
YouTube Ads Essentials
​YouTube Ads Creations
​​YouTube Ads Optimization
​​YouTube Ads Scaling
30 Day ​Email & Text Drip Campaigns
​Done For You Sales Funnels
​YouTube Startup Guide
​Facebook Ad Templates

38. YouTube Ads Mastery with Mike Healy

Course: YouTube Ads Mastery with Mike Healy

Mike Healy
Course Content:YouTube Channel Set-Up
YouTube Dashboard Tour
How to Upload and Optimize Your Videos For SEO Traffic
YouTube Keyword Tools and Research
How to Use End Screens and Cards
How to Download YouTube Videos
How to Create YouTube Channel Art and Thumbnails
YouTube Video Creation Best Practices
How to Repurpose Your YouTube Videos

39. The Art of YouTube Ads

Course: The Art of YouTube Ads

Ross Christifulli
Course Content:How To Navigate The Ads Manager
How To Find Winning Ad Sets
How To Do Pre-Campaign Research
What Kind Of Creative Converts On YouTube
How To Scale Ads Sets
The Strategies That Allow Us To Get $7-$15 Opt-Ins Consistently

40. YouTube Ads Playbook

Course: YouTube Ads Playbook

Jake Larsen
Course Content:Learn the elements of a successful youtube campaign
Learn our 7 step video ad framework to create winning video ads
Set up the perfect budget to not waste a cent on ads that aren’t working
Properly structure your campaigns so you can see exactly what’s working at a glance
Understand the math and metrics behind a profitable YouTube Ad campaign.
Drive High quality leads with Youtube Ads
Know the 5 levers you can pull to fix broken ads
Drive more leads, webinar registrations, applications, and phone calls
Video Ad Strategy
Video Ad Creation
YouTube Ad Campaign Setup
Video Ad Optimization & Scale
Case Studies

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